About Lafayette Private Equity, Inc.

Do you have enough clients? Enough wealthy clients? Acquir­ing clients can be dif­fi­cult or easy. It’s easy when you use the same process of top pro­duc­ers. Javelin Mar­ket­ing, Inc. pack­ages the mar­ket­ing sys­tems of top pro­duc­ers and makes them avail­able to all plan­ners who want to quick­ly grow their busi­ness. These sys­tems are designed and field-proven in actu­al prac­tices of high­ly suc­cess­ful planners.

Resources to gain large IRA and retire­ment Accounts 

Want to know how to fill the sem­i­nar room with qual­i­fied atten­dees with­out feed­ing peo­ple din­ner? Want to close appoint­ments right at the sem­i­nar? How about a newslet­ter that gets you 20 respons­es every month? Would you like to run an ad that has 20–30 peo­ple call you? How would you like to be an author overnight? Would you like to be the most qual­i­fied advi­sor to attract the 6 and 7 fig­ure IRA account in your town? Want to know how to find and tar­get exist­ing annu­ity own­ers for exchanges and con­ver­sions to life policies?

Find out how to attract qual­i­fied prospects for estate plan­ning and actu­al­ly have them take action. Learn how a top pro­duc­er sells 400 LTC poli­cies year after year. Each of these sys­tems pro­vides access to con­fer­ence calls with an expert on the sys­tem so that you can imple­ment it just as the top pro­duc­er uses it. Nev­er be in need of new clients again.